Krazy Chucks Discount Travel Membership


Krazy Chucks Discount Travel is all about saving you money. We are the only Travel Membership program that not only saves you money, and gurantees the lowest price, but we also reward you every time you book through our service. It just doesn’t get any better.

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Here at Krazy Chucks, we are all about saving YOU money when you travel. We have the best deals available at prices below Travel Agent pricing, even below Online Travel Agents like Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, Trivago and These Online Travel Agents upcharge you anywhere from 25-45% on the price of the Hotel. We eliminate that! We know it sounds Krazy but we want you to take more vacations and not pay through the roof for them.


It’s simple, in fact, it’s just like buying a membership at Costco or Sam’s Club. You pay the initial membership fee, then a recurring yearly fee to keep your membership active. If you don’t wish to continue your membership, stop paying. It is really that easy. So unlike Travel Agents that upcharge you on every service you purchase, we focus on getting you the lowest price possible and saving you money so you can Travel more and Travel Smarter.


  • Hotels – whether it is for one day or 30+ days. We have you covered.
  • Cruises – Every cruise, every line
  • Cars – Car Rentals, local or vacation rentals
  • Flights – All flights all the time, short haul or long haul we have it all
  • Homes – with Airbnb being so popular we thought you might like that option too
  • Weeks – we have access to great properties across the world that you can purchase as a week. Most times it is much cheaper than booking a Hotel even if you only need it for 4 nights
  • Activities – take a tour while on vacation, book a show or even take that much-needed SPA day, all booked through your membership


$995 USD – there are no hidden costs no extra fees. Just like Costco or Sam’s Club, this is a one-time Membership fee which includes your first year (12 months) and then every year after it is $249 USD to keep it active. There are no penalties or extra fees ever. If after the first year you don’t see the value in being a member, then stop your membership, it is that simple, no cancellation fees, in fact, if you decide later to come back, just pay your yearly fee and you are back saving on travel.