Flight delays are a hassle.

Not only is there a great chance you are going to miss a connecting flight or a vital appointment, but additionally you wind up needing to spend additional time at the airport. Summer time of 2019 was one of the worst for air travellers, as airlines have delayed or canceled flights and bumped passengers more than normal. While some areas offer only a couple of restaurants for you to go to, additional airports have many ways for delayed passengers to kill time. But even when the airport doesn’t entertain you, it’s still possible to use your time wisely to get ahead on the job or find any financial reimbursement from the delayed flight.
Here are the 8 best things to do if your flight is delayed:
Here are the 8 greatest things to do in case your flight is Postponed:

1. Enjoy the perks in the airports.

Nowadays, airports offer you far more than fast food places and magazine racks. From beauty salons to luxurious restaurants, there are loads of conveniences available if you would like to splurge through your extended airport stay. If you are in Qatar (and packaged a bathing suit), head to the pool in the Hamad International Airport. Hong Kong International offers a golf course, IMAX Theater, and an aromatherapy spa.

2. Take advantage of duty-free shopping.

If you are traveling internationally and also have some foreign money left over, consider heading into some duty-free shop — or things purchased in a country without taxation. Nevertheless for things with high taxes beyond the airport like tobacco and alcohol — duty-free can be a fantastic bet. Some airports provide their own large choice of duty-free products that you can not get in the country. In the event that you were trying to find a bargain on French cologne, for example, Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport has great deals on Chanel, Herm├Ęs, along with other high-end aromas you may take with you in bottles within the 3.4-ounce limit.

3. Make a little additional cash.

If your flight has been postponed and the airline is responsible, you might be eligible for damages. The app called AirHelp tracks flight delays and checks if there are ways to get you compensation. While weather delays or problems with air traffic will not get you money, losing your bags waiting on the tarmac for three hours, you might get reimbursement for as much as $700 and assists both domestic and global passengers.

4. There is a chance you will be able to get into the airport lounge

If you are delayed as a consequence of an airline problem, see whether they will provide you with a pass into the airport lounge. Lounges are frequently more comfortable than other seated places around the airport, also provide free drinks and food. If you are going to be in the airport an additional few hours, then you might as well be comfy. Airlines will not be instantly inclined to offer you a pass, nevertheless, so Skyskanner suggests asking politely.

5. Catch up on work.

A flight layover gives you time to catch up on your workload. Below are a few ideas:

  • Going through emails from work at the airport will allow you to save time on your first day back from your holiday.
  • Customs forms can be prepared before you arrive at your destination.
  • Compose a travel blog assessing your experiences while the memories remain new.
6. Ensure you have a full water bottle.

Even though this may only take a couple of minutes throughout your possibly long flight delay, even filling your water bottle following to dumping it out before going through security, it will help save you money.
Airports notoriously increase prices for bottled water sometimes as much as $5 for a bottle you can buy for under a dollar in the gas station.
Additionally, Business Insider’s Caralynn Lippo stated she fills her bottle up so that she will not get dried in the atmosphere and”need to request 45 of these very small cups of water the flight attendants give you.” Since aviation dehydrates your skin and body, create water your buddy in the airport.

7. In the event the airport does not provide free WiFi, trade checking out Facebook for reading a magazine of people watch.

If you have to pay for airport WiFi, it might be a rip-off, states Smarter Travel. Therefore, in the event that you’ve got the choice of paying WiFi or unplug for a while, pick the latter.
That having been said, in case you’ve mails to catch up on, you’ll find hacks to get behind the paywall. Smarter Travel recommends visiting an airport Starbucks, which generally offers its WiFi for free, or checkout if there is a lounge which might have its own wireless connection. Thrillist, meanwhile, states you may occasionally locate WiFi passwords on Foursquare threads.

8. Exercise.

You are likely to be on a trip sitting for a lot of hours, so why don’t you make decent use of the time and walk around the airport?
Should you get tired of taking laps around the airport, or do not want to get too far away from the gate, then here are some exercises that you can consider:
Do lunges on the moving walkway: “The people mover that makes it effortless to traverse miles of airport terminal space can also be a great substitute for a track or treadmill,” Health Magazine says. “Just make sure you don’t run into anybody.”
Wall sits:”No seating available? No problem! Sit against a wall with your legs at a 90 degree angle and do this for as long as you can,” says Skyscanner.
Pickup your bag instead of rolling it “For an extra challenge — and an unanticipated core exercise — carry your bag by the handle, making sure to keep your body straight and tall,” WebMD recommends.